Who We Are

Why We Exist

We had a problem. We're sports fans, and every time we wanted to go to a game we had two options: (1) buy tickets from one of the big sites that guarantees our tickets for an INSANE FEE or (2) avoid those fees on a marketplace/classifieds site with no assurance those tickets could get us in the game.

And as occasional ticket sellers, we thought there were some major gaps in the features of the biggest sites. What if you would accept an offer for a bit less than your listed price? What if you were okay with delivering tickets locally to avoid shipping costs for your buyer? What if you have an e-ticket that can't be sold on every site? These are your tickets aren't they? Shouldn't you sell them (and buy them) like you want? We think so.

So we made our own site, a site that we wish existed as fans. We aimed to take the best of all the ticket buying and selling experiences out there and put it into one platform designed especially for you, the fan. YOU are why this site exists. Let us help you buy and sell your tickets, your way.

Our Contribution to Orphan Care

Another problem we are passionate about is orphan care. Our company has made a commitment to donate 10% of our profits to organizations that care for orphans and to families pursuing adoption. Adoption is an expensive endeavor, and we hope to help children in need by supporting families who are stepping up to care for children who don't have a home. If you use our site, know that you are partnering with us to care for those who can't care for themselves.